The Story of Us

I figured it was about time I wrote down the story behind the Big Guy and myself. After all, its my favorite love story...

When I was 18, I decided to quit my job at a photo shop and try to find something where I could be in charge. I came upon an advertisement for a job at a pet store where they needed a manager. The store was in the town that I lived in and I was super excited by how convenient that sounded. I set up an interview and was hopeful. On the morning of, I left early because thats what I always do on important days! I also needed gas. I got to the station and realized that someone had shoved tree branches in my gas tank:( There had been a lot of cars being vandalized in our neighborhood so I wasn't surprised, just stressed that I might not make it to my interview. I called and we rescheduled for the next day.

The next day I went in for my interview and didn't love the owners son. He gave me really weird vibes. He offered me the job though and I told him I'd t…

My Sierra Bear

And finally finishing up this year of birthdays and birth stories is Sierra (or Bear as we call her)! The forgotten 2nd child (as she calls herself). My easiest baby, my hardest toddler and my loudest teenager! She really is a dream!

We actually started trying to get pregnant within a couple months of having Marina. We wanted so badly to have kids close in age and figured it would take us a bit. After 4 months of trying and when Marina was 8 months old, I got pregnant! We were so excited! Immediately Chris said that if it was a girl, he wanted to name her Sierra, after the mountain range. I hated it! It was too common and just not something I liked. Later that day while at Costco, Chris pointed at a mans shirt in front of us in line. The shirt had a company name on it called, Sierra Marina Boat company and was located in Lake Tahoe (Chris' favorite spot). From that moment on there was no convincing him of any other names. Trust me I tried!!!

At our 20 week scan we were unable to …

The one who made me a Mom, Marina

Well somehow it happened, I'm now the Mom to a legal adult. When they say it goes fast, they weren't lying. I feel like she was just born 5 years ago and yet it feels like we've always been together.   So this is the story of how I became a Mom.

The big guy and I got married in August and immediately started trying to get pregnant! Much to our surprise 2 weeks later I took a pregnancy test and it was positive! We were so excited! I was 18 and really didn't have any thoughts except sheer joy! We made our 1st appointment and saw our sweet babies heartbeat! We bought little gender neutral clothes and started dreaming about our future!  During the 2nd week of October at 11 weeks, I started bleeding. I knew exactly what was happening and was crushed. We went to the doctor where it was confirmed we were losing our baby. Over the next couple days through tears and physical pain I lost our little gift. It was so traumatic! I didn't even know miscarriages were a common occ…