Eudora's Birth Story

I didn't write a birth story for any of my older daughters for the simple fact that it just never occurred to me to do so. I'm an old lady in terms of social media, so when I started reading other women's stories I was so inspired! So here it is! This is our story!

Eudora was due February 5th. All of my daughters went past their due dates, so when hers rolled around I really didn't take to much notice! Don't get me wrong I was DONE being pregnant! It was my 6th time and I was tired and unbelievably sore! I was so thankful to have the kindest, most gentle holistic chiropractor to help keep my body healthy or I don't know how I would have held up. The week leading up to her birth I had a couple of times in the middle of the night that I would wake up to consistent contractions only for them to go away an hour or so later. 

The evening of The 8th was different. Aurelia was still sleeping with us and when we all went to bed around 9 her and I were wide awake. My husband of course fell asleep immediately! It's funny because she always falls asleep by 9, but I know she knew what was about to go down! At just after 10 I had my first contraction. They were every 8 minutes or so and lasting up to a minute. This went on for about 45 minutes before I decided to get into the bath to see if they would stop or keep going. Aurelia and I hopped in the bath and relaxed. Mind you the big guy is still sleeping. After about 20 minutes of them only getting stronger and closer together, I hollered at Chris to call the midwife. My labors are always fast. Aurelia was born in 3 1/2 hours and I didn't even go into labor on my own with her. My midwife broke my water to naturally induce me since I had a complication of too much fluid and they were worried if my water broke on its own, I would either rupture my placenta or have a prolapsed cord!

We also called my parents and had them come over to hang out with Aurelia and any other kids that might wake up. I knew my oldest 3 wanted nothing to do with their little sister being born. They were all in the room when Aurelia was born and are now ruined for life, I've been told. My Dad walked Aurelia and Nevara around the neighborhood in the middle of the night to keep them occupied. My Mom hung out downstairs and tidied up. Aurelia never fell asleep during my entire labor! 

I joked, in very poor taste, my entire pregnancy that I was hoping to have a toilet baby! I wanted to be one of those women who woke to pee in the middle of the night only to have their water break and deliver a healthy baby moments later! Sounds nice doesn't it?!?! My midwife arrived at around midnight with an assistant and set up while I labored in the bathroom. I had gotten out of the bath after about 45 minutes and I didn't ever feel the need to get back in. I bounced on my birthing ball and swayed around my bathroom for an hour or so. My husband poured copious amounts of frankincense oil on my lower back to numb the contractions and it was magical. It made such a difference with the pain and the smell really grounded me. My poor husband is not someone who does well in stressful situations. He really just lays back and waits for me to ask for something. He is however very sweet and tells me that I'm doing amazing.

At around 1am I felt the need to get on my bed and labor on all fours. One of my favorite pictures that our midwifes assistant took was of me laboring with a Disney Kim Possible beach towel over my giant pregnant Ars! Up until this point my pain was completely manageable and I was still having "fun"! I know enough about childbirth to know what transition is and thankfully know that it means that the end is near. My midwife applied pressure to my lower back which helped but at this point I was shaking and crying and there wasn't much I could do to ease the pain. I wasn't crying in pain it was just a hormonal reaction to the experience. I've been told I was very quiet except for the occasional "this hurts so bad":) I felt pressure and told the midwife it was time to push. This transition was so brutal, it really is amazing how much is women can endure!

I pushed all my babies out super quick (under 10 minutes) so I expected this to be no different! Pushing with Eudora felt so different. I felt like every time I pushed I would make progress and then she would go back up. My water hadn't broken and I was secretly hoping the midwife would break it as I was sure this was causing the hold up. After what seemed like forever, her head was out! For me personally once the head is out I feel home free. Like the worst is over.  She was still in her bag of waters! With one more push her bag popped and she came out into her Daddy's arms. I was told afterward that I only pushed for around 10 minutes. It seemed so much longer! She was born at 1:58 am on February 9th, less than 4 hours after labor started. Afterward my midwife told be she was so bummed that my water broke at the last second, because she was hoping she would be born en caul. 

I brought her right up to my chest and she cried her beautiful perfect cry! She was perfect and I was so happy to be done with the pain of labor:) Moments after she arrived my parents and 4 of my girls came into meet their sister! My Dad tells me that Nevara said, "I think we should go see Mom, I think it's time" they walked in seconds after she was born! How intuitive are my kids?!?! The two teens slept through the whole thing:) She nursed right away and was so alert. I delivered the placenta about 40 minutes later. The midwives cleaned up and gave us our space to bond. When the time came, our 4th daughter Krysta, cut her baby sisters cord!  My sweet pea weighed 8lbs 10oz and was 21 inches long. After a couple hours everyone left and we fell asleep with our sweet girl. In the morning I watched the sun come up with her in awe of what we both had just been thru!
big sister cutting the cord

meeting her family!

It wasn't my shortest labor, but it wasn't my longest labor! The last 45 minutes of it were the hardest and most painful minutes of my life. It's funny how you can do something so many times, yet they are all different!  I am forever grateful to my amazing midwife for the amazing, compassionate care she gave me. I felt like it was just me laboring and that's how I like it. I don't like being bothered and I handle things better with my own space. Eudoras birth was the perfect ending to my pregnancy journey and the perfect beginning to my life with 7 daughters.
newborn  bliss


  1. I savored the experience of reading this tonight Kelley! Eudora, Aurelia, Nevara... what are the other four named? I can't believe you've done it six times! Nixie's sac also burst as her head emerged. My birthday is February 8! So close. Yeah I'm pretty glad my ten year old was at her dad's for the birth- I think she'd have been traumatized too! Okay those are all of my scattered mama brain thoughts, I think ;-)
    Love, Amber Magnolia

    1. Amber,
      I knew my whole pregnancy that she would be born on the 9th. I'm November 9th and I really wanted us to share that number. The older 4 are named Marina, Sierra, Trinda and Krysta. We didn't set out to have all their names end in A but after the first 3 we figured we should keep it going.😂 Yeah, I've been told that I'm not getting any biological grandkids since my older 5 were in the room when#6 was born! Oops! Thanks for taking time to read! And for making your amazing potions (as my little ones call them) that are keeping us healthy this season!

  2. What a beautiful birth story! I gave birth last year to my first child and I can relate to some parts of your story very well. Giving birth is so hard and beautiful at the same time. I have so much respect for all mothers in the world, it is fascinating what our bodies have created.
    Sending you and your beautiful family the best wishes from Germany.
    Ps: I bet your girls will overcome their birth trauma haha. I was SO afraid of giving birth, I never thought that I would be strong and brave enough. And yes, there is a lot of blood and pain, but we have unbelivable powers. This experience gave me SO much self confidence. We are for sure the cooler sex ;)

    1. Thanks for reading. I know they will overcome it. I think at some point all kids say they don't want kids. (At least I hope they do)😂

  3. Yes, mostly all kids say they won't be having kids! I watched a birth video in seventh grade, and said for years I would never have kids. Now, I'm 26 and pregnant with my first child due in November. I am still scared as giving birth seems so painful but I also look forward to holding my child.


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