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My flower girl
Trinda, where do I begin? Lets start with her name. Chris and I take forever to agree on names. Marina was the name I loved and Sierra was his favorite name. When we found out we were having our third girl, I got the baby name books out (the internet was foreign to me back then) and started looking. My husbands contribution to baby naming has always been yes or no! I spent months searching for the perfect name that we could all agree on. One morning Marina (who was 3 at the time) woke up and told me that she dreamed the baby's name was Trinda. I immediately loved it. I called my husband and he loved it as well. I then went thru every book I owned and couldn't find it anywhere. Years later I found it on a Swedish website and apparently it means pure.

My pregnancy with Trinda was the same as the 1st 2, exciting and uneventful! I was induced with Marina and Sierra for different reasons and my husband wanted me to be induced with Trin too, since it was "pre…