My flower girl
Trinda, where do I begin? Lets start with her name. Chris and I take forever to agree on names. Marina was the name I loved and Sierra was his favorite name. When we found out we were having our third girl, I got the baby name books out (the internet was foreign to me back then) and started looking. My husbands contribution to baby naming has always been yes or no! I spent months searching for the perfect name that we could all agree on. One morning Marina (who was 3 at the time) woke up and told me that she dreamed the baby's name was Trinda. I immediately loved it. I called my husband and he loved it as well. I then went thru every book I owned and couldn't find it anywhere. Years later I found it on a Swedish website and apparently it means pure.

My pregnancy with Trinda was the same as the 1st 2, exciting and uneventful! I was induced with Marina and Sierra for different reasons and my husband wanted me to be induced with Trin too, since it was "predictable". I was due March 12th and told him that if she hadn't come by then, he could pick a day. Of course the day came and went and he picked the 15th, which was his dads birthday. The 14th rolled around and the thought of our baby picking her own day started sounding exciting to me. I called my OB and cancelled my induction. I spent the next couple days caring for the little ones. Around noon on the 18th I had my first contraction. They started out very strong and very close together which I loved, so I didn't have to guess what was going on. I would go to the bathroom every time a contraction came as not to alarm the little ones. I called Chris at work and told him to come home. I also called the OB and she told me to come to her office before the hospital as it was across the parking lot. 45 minutes later Chris still wasn't home and I was in a lot of pain. I called him again and he hadn't left!!! I told him to come home now!!! I called his mom and told her to come over to watch the kids so that right when he got home we could leave. Finally 30 minutes later he was home!

The rest is a surreal and out of a movie birth experience that included my dumba^^ OB checking me at her office and finding me to be at 6, yet still telling the nurse at the hospital to hook me up to Pitocin, being left sitting on a curb in the parking lot while Chris went to get my bag for 15 minutes because he was still making business phone calls, finally waddling across the lot and being put in a room only big enough for my bed and one person (Chris had to leave every time a nurse came in), not being able to get an epidural because the room was too small for the anesthesiologists cart, finally getting moved to the big room and getting an epidural only to have my water break and dilate from 7-10, before he could turn it on, to feeling the baby hit my pelvis and my hip dislocating. to the nurses holding my legs together as my doctor wasn't there yet (I'm not joking), to when she finally got there me pushing my 9.8 lb baby out in one terrible push tearing me from here to eternity (sorry TMI), to the nurses not giving her to me because her face was so bruised from the trauma of it all and having to prick her foot FOUR TIMES for the diabetes test only to find out that the batteries on the machine were low and that's why they couldn't get a reading! All this in about an hour after arriving at the hospital. PHEW!!! But alas, she was the sweetest, most beautiful little bruised faced and bloodshot eyed baby I had ever seen. It was all worth it and made one heck of a story!

She was such an easy baby. So patient, so smiley. She did everything so fast. She walked at nine months. When she was 6 months old I found out that she would be a big sister. Thank goodness she was so easy because being pregnant with 3 under 4 was no joke! I was due early July with her baby sister and they would only be 15 months apart!

On the morning of June 25th Trinda started complaining that her stomach hurt. Her sisters were sick the week before so I figured she had just caught what they had. I made her a doctors appointment just to be safe. By the afternoon she was totally fine so I cancelled the appointment. The next morning after breakfast she started bending over in pain every 15 minutes or so. I looked up possible sicknesses on the internet and came across ruptured appendix and a rare disease called intussusception. I took her to the ER since it was a Saturday. They took her back after about an hour and did an ultrasound on her tummy to look at her appendix. Everything looked fine. I mentioned the disease and they blew me off. They said that it was so rare and typically boys get it. They then told me that if she wasn't better by midnight to bring her back. I refused to leave and demanded to be admitted. Hours later a very kind surgeon met with me and admitted us.

They put us in our room. We went down to radiology to do a barium enema on her to check everything out. I couldn't go in with her since I was 9 months pregnant and it broke my heart. When they finally emerged the technicians looked so stressed. They said that they weren't able to get into her small bowel since she was so small but that everything looked normal. They sent us back to our room for her to recover. They didn't even medicate her for the procedure and my husband had to hold her down. I could hear her screaming the whole time. That night out of shear exhaustion she slept really well on me. The next morning she awoke in severe pain again. The surgeon came in and told us that she was being discharged since they couldn't find anything wrong.  I told him that we would not be leaving and that he had to figure it out!

He took her back down to radiology and performed the procedure himself. I stood at the door in the hall and the next thing I knew an nurse came to me to tell me that I needed come down the hall to the OR, because my sweet little 15 month old girl had the disease that I kept telling everyone she had and was being rushed into surgery because her body was going toxic! When I walked in the very kind anesthesiologist was holding her and I gave her a huge kiss and watched him carry her into the OR. The surgery took about an hour. Her intestine had telescoped inside of itself and caused a blockage. He had to unblock it and they also removed her appendix since they were right next to it. It was the longest hour of my life. They wheeled her up into her room in her bed and let me hold her while she recovered and slept. The next morning she woke up as if nothing had ever happened! I on the other hand have never been the same.
Just a couple weeks after her surgery

We were discharged on the 29th and Krysta was born 2 days later! It was quite the eventful week. They stitched her up really good and glued her wound, then covered it with tape so I couldn't really see it. When the tape finally fell off and I saw the huge (2 inches long:)) scar on my tiny 15 month olds tummy I was so heartbroken. It made it feel even more real than it already did. Of course now her scar is so beautiful and such a big part of her uniqueness! It was really hard early on for me to divide my time between my recovering toddler and my newborn. I had a lot of feelings that I couldn't be everything to them that they needed. We all made it thru and those two are so close now.

Trinda is such an amazing girl. She is talented at pretty much anything athletic and excels at dance. She is sensitive and kind hearted. She is also stubborn. She loves animals and is a vegetarian. She also loves babies and little kids. She has a passion for modeling and photography and films the most awesome youtube videos for her channel. She is such a beautiful young lady and I couldn't be more proud! She's off to high school next year and its freaking me out!

Thanks for reading this very long post if you've made it this far:) I  know it was kind of all over the place, but I felt compelled to share the wisdom I gained from our ordeal. One of the things in life that I'm the most proud of is that I listened to my intuition. If I hadn't, Trinda probably wouldn't be here. Her disease is always fatal if not treated right away. I hope that everyone can take away from our experience that we need to speak up, even when people far more qualified are telling us that we are wrong. There is no feeling more powerful than a mothers intuition!


  1. Thanks for sharing your story! I always love reading birth stories as they are so beautiful! I also give you extra credit for all the stress you had to go through. That is honestly one of my greatest fears now that we have our baby girl. I am scared she will get sick and I won't know what to do!

    1. Having babies is so stressful! You're constantly wearing your heart outside of your body! Thank you for reading:)

  2. I just love reading your birth story of your 3rd daughter Trinda. Being a mother I can completely relate what you must have been gone through. May God bless your family.


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