The Story of Aurelia

If you've followed my blog you know that Aurelia was a complete surprise! She was conceived 10 years after my husbands vasectomy. I was ecstatic! When he had the procedure, I didn't feel like I was done having babies. I was a little mad at him for doing it. The universe must have been paying attention, because my little miracle girl is one of the biggest blessings in my life. She is turning 3 this month, so as tradition goes here is her story.

While I was completely shocked to find out I was pregnant, I was also extremely excited! I immediately started thinking about the kind of pregnancy and child birth I wanted. While the experiences of bringing my 1st 4 into this world were beautiful, they were also less than what I wanted. I despised my previous OB and didn't have a current one. I made an appointment at one of my friends ob's. Once we arrived, it all felt so sterile. They took us back for a quick ultrasound to confirm pregnancy, then put us back in the waiting room to wait for the doctor. 45 minutes later I got up and asked how much longer it would be. I was told she was running behind and it would be another 45 minutes!!! We left and never returned. This put me on the path to find something different. After much research I settled on a midwife and was immediately in love. It was just my speed, no pressure, minimal testing, lots of time spent together, it was perfect!

I had an easy pregnancy like all the others. Towards the end I measured big like I always do. At 34  weeks, I started measuring at 38 and my midwife became concerned. She ordered an ultrasound and we found out that I had an excessive amount of fluid. Who knew that too much fluid could be bad. I came in at 38 weeks and was even bigger. We were closely monitored after that. I was due with Aurelia on May 25th which in typical me style came and went:) on May 29th I went in for my scheduled appointment. My midwife had grown concerned that my water would spontaneously break and that my placenta would rupture or that the baby's cord would prolapse since there was so much fluid. She asked if I wanted to have the baby that day and I agreed! We went home to gather our things and the older girls then returned at 5 to gently have my water broken at the birth center.

Upon arrival the baby was super high up and not engaged in my pelvis at all. They put a bosu belt on me to push her down. At around 7 they had me lay down and the midwife broke my water while her assistant held the baby up through my stomach so she wouldn't kink her umbilical cord. Our midwife said she was never seen so much fluid. My contractions started almost immediately after standing back up. The midwife left us to let us relax:) within an hour my contractions had gotten so intense. We filled the bath and I hopped in. It was not the relief I was hoping for. I felt like I had no control floating around. At this point I started vomiting which I knew was a good sign. Chris went to the kitchen to get the midwife and I moved to the bed. The pain was almost so intense and I knew the only way out of it was to start pushing!

I pushed twice and my sweet girl was born! 10:58pm at 8lbs 15oz of perfection! She was immediately placed on my chest and we just stared at each other in amazement of what we had just accomplished! She was perfect! Her birth was amazing! Totally empowering! When I was pregnant the girls decided they all wanted to be present for Aurelia's birth. Towards the end of my labor I told Chris that it might not be such a good idea since I didn't want to scare them. We never passed that info on to the midwife and I'll never forget the moment Aurelia was born I looked up and saw all my girls sweet eyes and my Mom and Dads as well! The assistant had quietly had them come in right before I started pushing! She was born into her Daddy's arms and Marina cut the cord. Having them all there was magic even if they don't think so and none of them are having kids now😂

The name Aurelia means golden and was one of the names that was on my list my whole pregnancy. Towards the end I asked Chris to go thru and cross out any names that were definitely no's! He crossed it off. A couple weeks before my due date, when we still couldn't decide on a name I mentioned it again and he loved it! Go figure! Her full name is Aurelia Ksanda Eleanor after my grandma that passed a couple months before she was born and with whom my girls and I were extremely close.

Aurelia is our wise spirit. We often joke that she sees dead people, but seriously. She has a wisdom that I've never seen at such a young age. She is incredibly patient and I've never met someone so easy going and agreeable. There was no terrible 2's with her. She says the most amazing things and is full of so much love. She is also the funniest person I have ever met! She is honestly just amazing. She has beautiful lotus eyes that are so kind. I could go on and on about the gift that she has been to our family. I can't believe it's almost been 3 years since she was born!

Happy Birthday my sweet Rails! We all love you beyond measure!


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