My Kricket (aka Krysta)

My Kricket! My 4th and final child, lol! I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with her like it was yesterday, in fact my husband still talks about how I randomly called him while he was at Office Depot and told him. I'm pretty random so it's really not that shocking. I found out I was pregnant with her when Trinda was 6 months old, at 15 months apart they are my closest gap. Being that we already had 3 girls, I was really hoping she would be an girl and was so excited that she was. I had a pretty tough pregnancy with her as it was my 4th pregnancy in 4 years. My hip had dislocated during Trinda's birth and I hadn't completely recovered. I had to hold tight to the rail everytime I went up and down the stairs because my hip would pop out and I would fall! Yeah, lots of fun! I was scheduled to be induced with her on June 30th as Marina was a July birthday and my husband wanted her to have her own month.

To say we struggled with a name was an understatement! We can never agree and have very different tastes! Not to mention my husband never gives any input except for yes or no. Since the 1st 4 coincidentally had names that ended in a we decided to stick with the theme! I decided that it would be cute to name her Krysta to honor my husband Chris since we were done having kids and he wouldn't be having a boy. We chose the spelling because its Polish and I'm mostly Polish. Besides the discomfort, I had a wonderful pregnancy and couldn't wait to meet her! If you've read Trinda's birth story you know that the end of my pregnancy was very traumatic with us almost losing Trinda. The morning of the 30th I woke up early to get ready for my 7am induction. I was so tired from getting out of the hospital the day before with Trinda. At 6 the hospital called to tell me that they were too busy and I couldn't come in till the next day, July 1st. My husband was disappointed but I was happy to have the extra day to rest! Also I decided after their call to see if I could switch hospitals and deliver at South Coast Hospital in Laguna Beach which was where I was born! Lucky us they were avavilable!

The next morning we got to our beautiful room and I was hooked up to pitocin! The anesthesiologist came in to ask if I wanted an epidural right away and I agreed since I was still feeling so emotional and weak. He gave me the epidural and I tried to relax. I was in a lot of pain and it didn't seem to be working. He came back in and tried to reposition it, but it still wasn't working! All of the medicin had gone to my right leg, which was completely numb! At this point we just turned it off and I fought thru the pain. I was ready to push at around 1:45. Everytime I would push she would dig her feet into my ribs and it hurt so bad! At 1:55 she was born, all 9lbs of her! She was so beautiful and perfect! She was also so calm and peaceful! The perfect last baby and just what I needed after all that trauma!

We left the hospital the next morning. It was definitely an adjustment trying to give Trinda and her baby sister the attention they needed and deserved! Everything about her was so easy. She was an amazing eater,  sleeper and was so happy all the time! My husband was feeling really burned out with our business and I agreed to let him stay home with the 2 little ones and I worked. It was really hard being away all day. It I knew he needed the time and the moment I got home I gave them both my undivided attention! It was a very busy, but beautiful time having 4 kids 4 and under! I often say I must have blocked it out, because I don't remember it being that bad:)

When Krysta was a couple weeks old, I noticed a little purple vein on her arm. At her next doctors appointment, I pointed it out. Her Pediatrician at the time said it was a hemangioma and it would either go away on its own or not. It didn't look like one to me so at every appointment I would mention it and 3 different doctors confirmed hemangioma. Every month it grew and grew till it covered most of her forearm.  At her 4 year visit, I told the doctor that I was sure he was wrong and he disagreed. I took her to a dermatologist and he agreed with me. He refereed my to a laser specialist. The specialist ordered an MRI and confirmed that it was not a hemangioma but a Venous Malformation. They are very rare and grow with the child. Krysta's was attached to her bone and intertwined with her muscle making it painful for her to exert herself.

The specialist took her MRI to a conference for venous malformations and only one doctor felt comfortable operating on her. He was in Manhattan! So at 4 years old off we went to have her 1st surgery. It wasn't a traditional surgery where you are cut open. That is not possible with her due to the risk of blood loss. Instead he goes in with a catheter and injects a solution into her veins meanwhile putting coils in locations to stop the growing. She had this same surgery 7 times and it significantly stopped the growth of the malformation. We were always told that when she got to her teen years, we would probably have to start again since it would likely aggressively grow. It has! Luckily I have found a new Doctor in California to do the procedure. The surgery is long and hard on her. She has also experienced necrosis and scarring.

Krysta has handled her surgeries just like she handles her malformation, amazing! She is so strong and so sure of herself! Even when she was little and kids would say "Eww or what's wrong with you?) or dumb adults would say , "Oh my God, what happened to your arm?" She handles it all with grace and maturity. She's a pretty special kid and I know that everything she has gone thru will mold her into the most amazing woman! I don't know very many adults as confident and brave as my Kricket! She also puts up with so much from her sisters! She was the baby of the family for 5 years and they still treat her that way:) She is also a real go getter! She tries hard at everything and always shines! She has a passion for getting good grades and is an amazing baker! I'm so proud of her.


  1. Glad to know that she is doing good now!May God Bless her!Undoubtedly,she is strong.She has suffered so many surgeries,and here i am who is afraid of an injection!


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