The one who made me a Mom, Marina

Well somehow it happened, I'm now the Mom to a legal adult. When they say it goes fast, they weren't lying. I feel like she was just born 5 years ago and yet it feels like we've always been together.   So this is the story of how I became a Mom.

The big guy and I got married in August and immediately started trying to get pregnant! Much to our surprise 2 weeks later I took a pregnancy test and it was positive! We were so excited! I was 18 and really didn't have any thoughts except sheer joy! We made our 1st appointment and saw our sweet babies heartbeat! We bought little gender neutral clothes and started dreaming about our future!  During the 2nd week of October at 11 weeks, I started bleeding. I knew exactly what was happening and was crushed. We went to the doctor where it was confirmed we were losing our baby. Over the next couple days through tears and physical pain I lost our little gift. It was so traumatic! I didn't even know miscarriages were a common occurrence. It was heart breaking. I took all of the blame for it myself and really worried that I might never have a baby. We left for our late honeymoon on October 25th and had the most amazing time, it was such a needed time away!

The day after my 19th birthday November 10th we found  out I was pregnant again! I was so excited and I'm not sure if it's because I was naive or just an optimistic person, but all I felt was joy. I wasn't scared at all! This time I stayed pregnant! My husband and I work together so I worked right up until the day before I delivered! I had the most awful "morning sickness", I would excuse myself from helping customers to go vomit then come back and help them😬 It was crazy, but I loved working and being with Chris 24/7. At our 20 week scan we found out we were expecting a girl! I was so happy as I always wanted a girl!

When I was 7 months pregnant Chris tore his Achilles' tendon in half playing basketball! He had surgery the next day and was put in a full leg cast and crutches! I worked by myself the week he was out and it was rough! When he was able to come back, he sat in front of the register and rang everyone up while I did all the heavy lifting! We were pathetic! I was huge and he was gimp! People would just hand us money because they felt so bad for us! Luckily he was put in a walking cast 2 days before I delivered so he could walk and hold the baby! Looking back it was such a hard time, but it didn't feel that way! One day I was watching old movies on AMC and came across a Marilyn Monroe movie called The Prince and the Showgirl. Marilyn Monroe's characters name was Elsie Marina and I immediately loved Marina! Chris felt the same way!

At my 39 week appointment my obgyn said that my fluid was a little low and that she wanted to induce the next day. I had been dilated to 3 for 3 weeks and was ready. I was also really scared to be induced so I tried everything to get labor on its own with no success. The next morning July 24th  at 6am we headed to the hospital. I was petrified to get an IV since I'm scared of needles and had never had one. I almost passed out. They hooked me up to pitocin at around 8am and labor started almost immediately! About 6 hours later I decided to get an epidural as I was getting a bit scared of the pain. I had instant relief and even took a 15 minute nap. At right before 6pm I felt pressure and was informed it was time to push (such a difference between my 4 unmedicated births)! After about 20 minutes of pushing, at 6:21 pm Marina was born!  7lbs 1 ounce, 19 inches long with the most adorable cone head. We joked she looked like a glowworm.

She was the sweetest baby. In hindsight I'm so thankful to have her as my first baby, she was so easy! I went back to work with her at 4 days old. I wore her and she slept in a playpen behind the counter. The customers took turns holding her, it truly was a special time. She was there with us, every single day and it just became her norm. I loved being a Mom, like nothing else. Before her, I didn't even know if I wanted kids, but I was hooked:) She was just an easy kid, so smart and kind!

And now here we are a blink of the eye and 18 years later! She's still just an easy kid, for me anyways, her Dad is another story! She's smart, passionate, artistic, athletic and funny as anything! She's also very opinionated and picky! Her and I get into a lot of trouble with the rest of the family due to our sarcasm and quick wit! I love hanging out with her and have had very few arguments with her. I feel very blessed to have such a responsible oldest child. Marina is such a great big sister to all 6 of the younger girls! I am so proud of my family and it all started with her!


  1. That is a beautiful journey, From pregnancy to her high school graduation. No doubt you are proud mother of 18 year old. It is beautifully narrated.


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